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Alpine Inspired Design

Being at home amongst New Zealand’s Southern Alps, La Residence du Parc brings to life a true sense of nature while incorporating today’s leading building practices and technology to deliver the highest of living standards.

Introducing Nudura

By choosing NUDURA insulated concrete forms in our designs, you enjoy substantial benefits over traditional building methods. Your family or your tenants can enjoy greater comfort, safety and energy efficiency in a healthier, more durable apartment.


NUDURA ensures comfort providing your home with an airtight system allowing heating, cooling and ventilation systems to work to their greatest efficiency. Reduced drafts and cool spots mean even temperatures throughout, and with NUDURA acting as a sound barrier dampening vibrations from outdoor noises, you can create your own little sanctuary.


With its concrete core, not only does NUDURA have a fire rating more than four times that of traditional wooden framed buildings, it can withstand winds over 400kph and has debris impact resistance up to 185kph. Not only does it protect your precise apartment, NUDURA will not support mould growth, supporting healthier living.


Due to its revolutionary design, there is less construction waste when building a precise NUDURA construction and any waste that is produced is 100% recyclable. Once in place, energy demands are reduced by 50% compared to wood and traditional products due to a solid concrete core providing a stable thermal mass. From construction to completion and beyond, NUDURA cuts the environmental impact of home building significantly.

Technical Information

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